Filming In Florida

Nicknamed the Sunshine State, Florida is located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. With the highest point in the state being at just 345 feet, the state is known to be the flattest of all the U.S. states. With endless white beaches, 4510 various islands, multiple forests and unique swamps, there are a vast amount of scenic locations that can be found nowhere else in the country. With a diversified population living in flourishing cities and towns, the state offers a lot of great stories ready to be told. Combined with a lot of iconic parks and landmarks, the state of Florida is a great place to shoot.

When shooting in Florida you should get in contact with the Florida Office of Film and Entertainment and the other local film offices. The offices will help and guide you in the process when shooting in the state. For more information about their services, you are welcome to visit their websites.

Film Insurance Requirements in the State of

The Florida Film Commission asks producers to be up to date on Florida child workers laws.

Certificate(s) of Insurance (COI) as evidence of General Liability coverage in the amount not less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence.

A separate additional insured endorsement for the COI with the following wording: “the State of Florida, including its officers, agents and employees is named as additional insured, with respect to liability arising out of the operations related to filming on Florida state owned or operated property.”

Workers Compensation: State law requires companies provide proof of worker’s compensation coverage. If a company has no employees the company may submit a Workers Compensation waiver letter. 

Florida Office of Film and Entertainment

107 East Madison Street (MSC 80)

Tallahassee, FL 32399

United States

+1 (850) 717-8990

Disclaimer: The encapsulated production information on this page is provided for general purposes only and should not be construed as advice. While we do our utmost to keep all information up to date, production requirements change often. The best source for details is the film office itself.

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