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Studio Shotwell

About Studio Shotwell

Why Choose Shotwell? We've been in the business since 1996.  We know the ropes and love what we do.  We're easy to work with and understanding of your needs. If you need an Art Department or a custom prop fabricated, we can do this with aplomb.  Please ask us for more information. Stop Motion and Catalog jobs are welcome. We know you need different terms and longer stays. We'll work with you to keep your job running smoothly and on budget.

To Rent From Studio Shotwell The Following Items Are Required

Liability insurance at your own expense, including coverage for the operations of independent contractors, equipment providers, coverage for rented equipment and 3rd party rental equipment and standard liability coverage. Insurance holder will need the following coverage: standard contractual liability, personal injury liability, completed operations, product liability, rented equipment / 3rd party rented equipment coverage in an amount equal to or greater than the sum total of all rented equipment.