Most states require Workers' Compensation insurance, and the policy requirements can substantially vary depending on your state location.

Film Casualty can help you understand your obligations and help you get the coverage you need for your situation. Most of all, you can ensure that your employees are treated with fairness and compassion, and timeliness of care.

Film Casualty provides reasonably priced, broadly featured Workers’ Compensation insurance policies. Your Workers’ compensation policy covers potential expenses from work-related injuries and illnesses. Those expenses include wages lost from time away from work, medical expenses, and possible legal costs if a worker's family decides to sue a company. (We certainly hope that never happens!) Film Casualty's Workers’ Compensation insurance can take care of your people from start to finish.

If and when your employees suffer a work-related injury or illness, Film Casualty's Worker's Compensation protection helps cover wages and medical benefits and provides access to responsive, dedicated, experienced professionals to help your employees during every stage of recovery.

Workers' Compensation coverage through Film Casualty includes the following benefits:

Pay-as-You-Go Billing Solutions:

Film Casualty's pay-as-you-go workers' comp billing solution bases your premium payments on your actual payroll, which can help manage cash flow and reduce audit surprises.

Preferred Medical Provider Network:

Employees can tap into our nationwide network of more than one million experienced medical providers.

Prescription Drug Features:

You can fill prescriptions with more than 65,000 participating pharmacies throughout the United States, often with no out-of-pocket expense to the injured worker. Mail order service is just a phone call or mouse-click away.

Let's Protect Your Business.