Most property damage coverage written as part of Commercial General Liability Policies exclude damages to any property in the insured parties care, custody or control.

Property damage coverage written as part of a Commercial General Liability Policy exclude damages to any property in the insured parties care, custody or control. This means that any location and property rented to a filmmaker, producer, or business for the use of production and business operations will be held liable for damages.

While many producers and renters of property believe that General Liability will cover these types of claims, they are often very distressed after a claim and realize that they were uninsured.

What’s a filmmaker to do?

Third Party Property Damage coverage is the line of insurance that will extend coverage for a rented location and pay for the cost of damages to the location and property inside of the location that was under the care of the insured. Specifically, the coverage kicks-in when the insured is legally obligated to pay damages because of loss of, injury to, or destruction of property of others.

The coverage does not apply to: 

► Liability for injury to or destruction of property caused intentionally by you or at your direction.

► Liability for physical damage, other than loss of use, for any property covered under Props, Sets and Wardrobe or Miscellaneous Equipment.

► Liability for the physical damage to any auto, trailer, aircraft or watercraft. 

► Liability for injury to or destruction of personal property, used or to be used during or in connection with a production, which property is rented to, loaned to or leased by you, except for the loss of use of such property. 

► Liability for damage to or destruction of property resulting from your failure to provide reasonable and proper care of the property you use. 

► Liability for the injury to or destruction of premises (including buildings) rented to or leased by you that are used or to be used for a purpose other than performing the insured production.

Care, Custody, Control Liability (Third Party Property Damage) is an available coverage in our DICE Annual Productions, Entertainment Equipment Floater, and other products.

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