Insurance coverage to protect scenery, costumes and theatrical props and related equipment

Props, Sets & Wardrobe covers losses, damages, and destruction to just about anything that would be “in front of the camera” on a film stage, film scene or production. The coverage is essential for producers and filmmakers with an interest in keeping their productions protected. 

The coverage does not apply to: 

► Wear and tear, any quality in the property that causes it to damage or destroys itself; hidden or latent defect; gradual deterioration; depreciation; mechanical breakdown or electrical breakdown; insects; vermin, or rodents; corrosion, rust, dampness, cold or heat.

► Any work, process, experimentation, tests, repairing, restoration, conversion, or partial conversion, or partial conversion, retouching, painting, cleaning or any other form of process performed or undertaken by you or on your behalf or at your direction, except with respect to ensuing loss caused by or resulting from a peril not otherwise excluded.

► Unexplained or mysterious disappearance or shortage found upon taking of inventory.

► Damage to or destruction of property caused intentionally by you or at your direction.

► Loss, destruction or damage caused by or resulting from the delay, loss of market or use, interruption of business or other consequential loss extending beyond direct physical loss or damage. 

 Some property is excluded:

► Animals, unless added into the policy.

► Growing plants, unless used as part of a set.

► Accounts: bills, currency, numismatic properties or money, notes, securities, stamps, deeds, evidence of debt, letters of credit, credit cards, passports, railroad, airline or other tickets.

► Buildings including, but not limited to improvements and betterments. 

► Furniture and fixtures which are not used or intended to be used as part of a set.

► Aircraft used for any purpose other than as part of a set in which it is used strictly as a non-functional craft during the production or event.

► Watercraft valued over $10,000 while waterborne unless moored to a pier, dock, wharf or similar fixed structure and used or intended to be used as part of a set.

► Motorcycles, automobiles, motor vehicles, or other conveyances except when used as part of a set and not being self-propelled during the event or production.

► Film, tape, recording or recording storage medium of any type unless used as a prop on a set.

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