Inland Marine Insurance protects mobile assets against collisions and cargo theft.

Film Casualty's Inland Marine policies serve to protect your company's specialized property and assets when they're in mobile transport situations across land, water or in the air, or temporarily warehoused in transit.

In many cases, Film Casualty's General Liability Insurance or your Film Casualty package policy (such as a Film Production Package policy) may be sufficient. These policies cover assets in a specific business location and at remote shooting locations, and can cover employees' tools and equipment that travel with them to outside sites.

When Should I Consider Inland Marine Insurance?

  • Property damage: Can protect against financial loss due to damage to property such as storyboard libraries and completed film stock, or damage and loss to specialized film production cameras and movie equipment
  • Coverage for fine art and expensive sets in transition;
  • Coverage for specialized and expensive equipment being shipped to you or returned by you to the owner
  • Coverage for personnel managing the transit, if any (otherwise known as 'bailees')

Think about what you do and how you do it. If your production company does frequently ship high-value products or equipment, or you frequently rent, use and ship expensive equipment related to your projects, you probably need to consider an Inland Marine policy.

Let's Protect Your Business.