When accidents happen, property and auto insurance often cover the cost to replace or rebuild what was lost; but other financial losses can mount when a business is disrupted.

That’s where extra expense – sometimes known as business interruption insurance – comes into play.

In many film production policies, extra expense insurance covers interruptions that are the result of the breakdown or malfunction of generators, camera equipment, sound equipment, lighting equipment and the computerized systems used to control them. In the event of a claim, from one of these aforementioned reasons, the coverage will cover the cost of the interruption, postponement or cancellation of a production and pay any extra expenses incurred by completing the production.

This coverage in most policies often does not insure against loss or damage caused by or resulting from:

► Wear and tear; any quality in the property that causes it to damage or destroys itself; hidden or latent defect; gradual deterioration; depreciation; mechanical breakdown or electrical breakdown; insects; vermin, or rodents; corrosion, rust, dampness, cold or heat.

► Any work, process, experimentation, tests, repairing, restoration, conversion, or partial conversion, retouching, painting cleaning or any other form of a process performed or undertaken by you or on your behalf or at your direction, except with respect to ensuing loss caused by or resulting from a peril not otherwise excluded

 Unexplained or mysterious disappearance or shortage found upon taking inventory,

► Damage to or destruction of property caused intentionally by you or on your behalf or at your direction

Loss, destruction or damage caused by or resulting from delay, loss or market or use, interruption or business or other consequential loss extending beyond direct physical loss or damage.

► Loss of use of animals including but not limited to injury sickness or death of an animal unless added to the policy

► Loss of or damage to exposed film (developed or undeveloped), tape or recording or recording storage medium or any type.

 Any direct or indirect property damage loss including expenditures incurred in the purchase, construction, repair or replacement of any physical property including animals.

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