Commercial Drone Coverage protects your production against theft or damage to your drone, ground equipment, and the payload carried. Coverage also protects against property damage and injury caused by a drone and medical expenses that arise from drone use.

The use of drones in the film and entertainment industry provides filmmakers with a valuable new set of tools to capture aerials and expansive shots that are pushing the boundaries of filmcraft. Filmmakers should be aware of and compliant with FAA regulations and safety protocols to protect property, the safety of crew members, and the general public when drones are in use. 

If you or your production business use drones in your operations, Film Casualty offers a variety insurance solutions that protect against the risks of flying UAVs. Coverage includes liability coverage to protect against Property Damage and Bodily Injury; limits of liability can be purchased to cover as much as $10,000,000 per occurrence. 

Other coverages include First-Party property damage which protects against damage to the drone and the property on the ground. For instances where a production does not own the drone, various coverages such as Non-owned UAV coverages protect the property in the event that the production does not own the Drone/UAV.

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