Film Casualty's Commercial Umbrella policies protect your business by providing another layer of liability coverage against the potentially ruinous cost of claims.

Business assets can be at risk when you're the target of a lawsuit. Commercial Umbrella insurance helps protect your business when the cost of a claim exceeds the limits of your business's primary insurance policy.

Film Casualty's Commercial Umbrella insurance is flexible enough to extend to liability coverage of policies you have with another company. That is, if you already have General Liability and Commercial Auto policies with someone else, you can contract with us for a Commercial Umbrella policy that applies to your existing Liability policies. If your business has additional policies with Film Casualty, we can simplify your billing and record keeping by combining the Commercial Umbrella policy with your business's other policies. You receive one simple bill.

What does Commercial Umbrella Insurance cover?

A Commercial Umbrella Policy from Film Casualty extends your business liability protection when the costs of a lawsuit, or an injury event, exceed the limits of the primary underlying liability coverage. Your commercial umbrella insurance policy will help protect you when accidents or legal issues occur:

  • A customer or visitor slips on a wet floor or trips on an object on set and gets injured, and the medical costs of the injuries exceed your general liability policy's limit.
  • An advertising mistake causes a major lawsuit against your company with legal costs that exceed your business's general liability coverage limits.
  • A disgruntled employee convinces a judge that you've discriminated against them, wins a judgement, and you are forced to appeal when attempts to settle prove fruitless. The costs threaten to exceed your Employment Practices Liability limits.

Umbrella policies usually apply to Commercial General Liability, Hired/Borrowed Vehicles and Commercial Auto, Foreign Commercial General Liability coverage and Employers’ Liability which is a component of Workers’ Compensation. If you exceed the limits on any of these within your policy, the Umbrella coverage may kick in.

Without Commercial Umbrella policies in place, film production managers can be forced to pay out of pocket for legal fees, medical bills and damage expenses. To obtain the extra protection you and your production business need, make sure your Film Casualty insurance package includes the Commercial Umbrella policy.

Your investors in your production are not just investing in your project's final result and its returns - they're also investing in your leadership abilities and your project management skills. However, project investors need a way to protect themselves if things go seriously wrong - for example, if you get hit by a bus or something. To that end, completion bonds are a financial agreement tied to each specific project you carry out. Completion bonds are a normal part of doing business in this field, and are usually a pre-condition for any significant production

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