Protect your Locations with Film Casualty

Protect your Studio and Locations Business with Film Casualty Insurance Agency. Studios, Scouts, Location Management, Coordinators and Location Researchers can protect and insure their businesses and production processes.

 General Liability

Commercial General Liability insurance covers filmmaking premises and locations, within the United States and Canada, for bodily injury or property damage from events occurring during your production. This coverage also protects you from lawsuits if someone who is not a direct employee is injured during your production. General Liability policies also cover accidental property damage. Auto coverage may also be part of this policy, along with Unmanned Aircraft and Animal Mortality. The General Liability policy you get from Film Casualty has some of the broadest business insurance available anywhere.

 Commercial Property

Commercial Property coverage insures against the following:

  • Damage to company equipment and property
  • Damage to others’ property when shooting on location, such as rented or borrowed studio space, personal computer resources, data storage, and more.
  • You can extend the Commercial Property component to employees’ personal professional equipment, including cameras, computers and media, while they are used in the job.
  • Coverage can extend to transport of production equipment and usage on the job location.

Your production remains responsible for care and upkeep of any leased, rented or borrowed properties for activities related to the production.

 Commercial Umbrella

The Commercial Umbrella policy provides additional business liability protection that your General Liability policy may not include. Umbrella covers more types of claims and covers them at a higher limit. Simply put, it protects your company and its business assets from losing big if a large claim comes in, such as bodily injury liability or property damage. Umbrella coverage also helps production managers and company executives avoid out-of-pocket liability costs for legal fees, medical bills, and damage expenses that exceed the limits of your General Liability policy. Umbrella policies are usually applied to Employers’ Liability, Commercial General Liability, Automotive Liability, Third Party Property Damage, and Foreign Commercial General Liability.

 Hired/Borrowed Vehicles and Commercial Auto

Hired/Auto vehicle coverage covers your production for accidents, injuries and other incidents while using rented and borrowed vehicles. Coverage for Hired and Borrowed Vehicles includes Auto liability coverage for third parties, and also provides Comprehensive & Collision coverage that covers damage to those vehicles, subject to a deductible payment.

If your organization owns one or more vehicles, you may need a full Commercial Auto insurance policy, which provides third-party and comprehensive/collision coverage for vehicles owned by your company.

As an alternative, you can see to it that your full Auto coverage for Owned/Hired/Borrowed vehicles is controlled through your General Liability policy. The end result in all cases should be to provide all the coverage you need at the best possible price. Talk to your Film Casualty agent for details.

 Inland Marine

Inland Marine is an important component of your policy that covers your owned, rented and hired equipment in transit. When you transport production assets over land (by road or rail), by water or by air, you need this coverage to prevent exposure to possible losses. Many inland marine policies provide coverage without regard to the location of the covered properties; these are often called "floater" policies, and may include water transport protection.

 Worker's Comp

Worker’s Compensation coverage is a must-have for your production. Workers’ Comp covers medical expenses and lost income for employees who are injured on the job. It includes work-related illness, disability and death benefits for any cast, crew or employee. Other advantages include access to a preferred provider network, prescription drug features, needle injury coverage, nursing care managers to help coordinate care, and Pay-As-You-Go billing that bases premium payments on the actual payroll.

While employees may be covered through another company’s policy, we recommend that your department or production company carry a backup policy to ensure no one falls through the cracks. Like Jeff, the Loader Apprentice. We gotta look out for Jeff, you guys.

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