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  • Member Matty Lyn Barnes
  • Company Sprinkle Lab
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Sprinkle Lab + Film Casualty

Sprinkle Lab began in 2011 in the San Francisco Bay Area with the original vision of creating broadcast quality film productions for the technology industry and have since grown to provide production services for advertising agencies like Goodby Silverstein and Partners, AKQA, FCB, McGarryBowen and many others. Sprinkle Lab has a roster of 6 directors and works globally with offices in Los Angeles and Oakland, California. Working with Film Casualty Insurance Agency allows the production team at Sprinkle Lab service, risk counseling, and lightning-fast turnaround for certificates of insurance. 

“I feel great knowing that the creative that we represent and the events that we host are protected and insured.”

Sharing a common vision

Film Casualty Insurance Agency and Sprinkle Lab work together with multiple studio producers to make sure that certificates are issued, permits are secured and pre-production exposures are properly covered. Sprinkle Lab Supervising Producer Matty says, “Film Casualty Insurance Agency truly understands the unique nature of production, and as such, they are able to provide not just a quality of service that moves quickly, but also a peace of mind that we will be able to make coverage adjustments, secure coverage endorsements and have the support we need with a constantly fluctuating productions; Film Casualty is invaluable to us.” 

A no-brainer choice

Film Casualty provides a unique focus on the production and film industry, it makes us an easy choice for producers at Sprinkle Lab and Supervising Producers like Matty feel that we are a critical partner in their production success. Matty says, “I can say that Film Casualty is the perfect choice for us and I’m happy to have Film Casualty as our insurance partner.”

“The team at Film Casualty Insurance Agency provided me with excellent coverage and crafted the policy to fit our business.”

Confident in coverage and compliance

Working with Film Casualty Insurance Agency, the team at Sprinkle Lab has an extensive business owners policy that covers rented equipment, a hefty umbrella policy for general liability and lots of other coverages that meet the AICP standards of coverage for commercial production companies. Film Casualty Insurance Agency understands insurance standards that apply to various production companies and works with Executive Producers to make sure that all coverages will meet union and advertising company standards and requirements.

Getting coverage was easy

“The process of getting coverage is always easy” says Matty, “we’re always amazed at how Film Casualty is able to work with our producers if, and when, our policy needs to be adjusted.” At Film Casualty, our customers know how easy it is to get an application filled out and a policy proposal quoted. However, in the constantly moving production and film industry sometimes policy adjustments, insurance endorsements, and chances in coverages are necessary. We’re happy to provide the assistance that keep Sprinkle Lab on top of their insurance compliance needs.

Film Casualty Insurance Agency helps saves time

Using our insurance application and certificates software, Sprinkle Lab is able to get their certificates and policy serviced quickly and efficiently. Our team of insurance brokers are here to provide the support to keep producers focused on more production critical tasks, like securing locations and hiring crew. Our goal at Film Casualty is to take as much added stress off of the shoulders of producers as possible.

Backed by an amazing carrier

Film Casualty Insurance Agency placed the coverage for Sprinkle Lab with a policy from The Hartford, a company in business for more than 200 years. The Hartford is an A+ rated Insurance business with a trusted financial strength.  

"The certificates tool is a huge timesaver"

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