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Paige Wassel + Film Casualty 

Paige Wassel’s professional interest in design started with a college internship at VOGUE Magazine in New York City. She launched her career working as a production design agent at William Morris Endeavor which exposed her to the ins-and-outs of production design and into prop, sets, and interior roles on set. Paige is committed to details. As such, she has been sought out to work with some of the most recognized names in fashion, photography, and design.

Art Department and Visual Language

Film Casualty Insurance Agency is helping crew members like Paige take control of their risk while working on sets. As larger companies seek to mitigate their own risks, and as production budgets are challenged, production offices seek out crew members with their own businesses and insurance to hire them as “loan-outs.” Whatever the job, a smart crew member like Paige, hold their own coverage to cover their risks. 

An easy choice

Film Casualty provides a unique and refreshing focus on the production and film industry, it makes it an easy choice for crew to find the support and coverage they need. They know that when they reach out, they are going to speak with an insurance professional who understands the dynamic of a set and, most importantly, the ins-and-outs of insurance.

“While I’m often hired as a crew member on the majority of productions, having an insurance policy and working with Film Casualty gives me an incredible peace of mind.”

Confident in coverage and compliance

Paige didn't need a massive policy, just something to protect her business when she’s working on set and the business property she owns. She was set up with a Hartford business owners policy that takes care of her needs. It’s a comprehensive and robust insurance product, without a bunch of expensive coverage bloat. Everything she needs, as she continues to grow and build her business.

Getting coverage was easy

It’s not always easy for a props, sets, and interiors crew member to explain the work that they perform. Are they a filmmaker? An interior decorator? A consultant? — it can be difficult for insurance professionals to understand all of the diverse roles happening all at once on a set and how they relate to filmmaking. With Film Casualty, Paige said that the application process was painless and extremely helpful because of our focus and understanding of production. She said, “Other insurance agencies don't even know what a set dresser is! Film Casualty knew exactly what I needed.”

Film Casualty Insurance Agency helps save time

Lighting fast and incredibly convenient certificate request forms mean no long hold times, unresponsive emails, and confused insurance customer service representatives. Requesting and delivering a certificate of insurance is as simple as filling out a form and pressing send.  

Backed by an amazing carrier

Film Casualty Insurance Agency placed the coverage for Paige with a policy from The Hartford, a company in business for more than 200 years. The Hartford is an A+ rated Insurance business with a trusted financial strength.  

“Other insurance agencies don't even know what a set dresser is! Film Casualty knew exactly what I needed.”

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