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  • Customer Since 2017
  • Member Jona Tochet
  • Company Copper Tree
  • Where San Francisco & Los Angeles, CA
  • Department Art Department
  • Employees 5

The Copper Tree + Film Casualty

Jona Tochet is an award-winning production designer and art director. Her unique aesthetic often features hand-built carpentry, in-camera effects, and all things out of the norm and quirky.

Working with commercial clients like Pepsi, IBM, Levi’s, Carrefour, Dolby, Converse, Pandora, Whole Foods, Lincoln, Kraft, Comcast, Square, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Nike; Jona brings an incredible amount of creativity and novelty to the projects she works on.

Her work is far-reaching and has influenced culture with music videos and movies. Musicians like St. Vincent and Darwin Deeze have collaborated and featured her design and artistry. Directors whose works have premiered at Sundance, San Francisco Int'l Film Festival, and SXSW Film Festival and dozens of other renowned venues count on Jona’s eye and style; movies like American Paradise and VESSEL.

"It's so refreshing to get the support I need so that I can get back to work."

What she needs, nothing she doesn't 

Jona and her crew at Copper Tree have worked with more companies and upstart productions than they can remember. Often, her role as the head of an art department means Jona and her crew are protected and covered by the insurance of the production companies who hire her. When it became time for her to hold her own insurance we discussed her needs for a pulled-back policy that covers the small gaps in liability that she's exposed to when she's not working.

Perfect coverage solution for a complex set of problems

While Jona is covered by third-parties when she's on set, things like her prop storage house, workshop, and tools often experience coverage gaps when she's in-between jobs. As well, with the constantly changing and fast-paced nature of production, it can be challenging to make sure that contracting companies she works with have the right type of insurance coverage. With her own policy, Jona and her crew have a solution that both fits their role on set while protecting her property and liability exposure.

"The application and purchasing process was painless and incredibly easy."

Brilliant protection form an A+ insurance carrier

Film Casualty Insurance Agency placed the coverage for Copper Tree with a policy from The Hartford, a company in business for more than 200 years. The Hartford is an A+ rated insurance business with trusted financial strength.  

A perfect partnership

Jona says, "The application and purchasing process was painless and incredibly easy." 

When Film Casualty works with crew and department leads, like Jona, we do our very best to hear real needs and provide the best service we can to address problems. The application and purchase process works so well for our clients at Film Casualty because we focus on image makers and listen to our customer's unique positioning in the film and entertainment industries and find solutions that work. 

"I trust Film Casualty because they are filmmakers."

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